What happens if a ball in play at rest is moved by an outside agency?  This is one of the answered questions of the new long drive rules established for first time by Long Drivers European Tour (LDET) in order to regulate this sport practice around the continent. The clubs, balls, tees and behavior are contained in this new regulation. LDET Rules are self adapted following the standard of R&A (, the governing body of golf worldwide except the United States ( and Mexico.

It is important to notice that players are responsible for knowing the rules and the possible penalties for breach of condition. This is considered to be justifiable in terms of protecting the interests of the majority of golfers who wish to play in accordance with these guidelines and will gain maximum enjoyment from the game.

* This is the version 1.4 of the LDET rules.

* The LDET thanks Marc Autret & Eric Houballah for their collaboration and their website

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Download the Official LDET Rules
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Quick guide to the rules

This guide outlines the essential of rules of Long Drive. This guide is not a substitute for the rules of Long Drive, which should be consulted when any doubt arises. For more information on the points covered, please refer to the relevant rule.

General Points

The game of Long Drive should be played in respect of the Etiquette (see the Etiquette Chapter): Respect other players and show sportsmanship, take care of the course by replacing divots or repairing other damages, be ready to play in turn and make sure not to hurt people during a stroke or a practice swing.

Before Starting the Competition:

- Read the conditions of the competition, check that the clubs you play are declared and consistent with the rules (rule 3).

Dress code

At all LDET competitions, the LDET will strictly enforce a dress code with no exceptions. Collared shirts or mock turtle necks are required. Jeans, denim, jogging outfits and sweat pants are not permitted (Etiquette; Dress code and Behaviour).

During the Play of a Set:

- Don’t play any practice shots during play of a set (rule 4-9), don’t use any artificial devices or unusual equipment unless specifically authorized by conditions of the competition (rule 6-4).

On the Teeing Ground (rule 5):

- Play in the order prescribed by the rules or committee (rule 5-1), all that is fixed or growing should not be broken. The tee-markers are considered by the rules as fixed (5-3 and 5-4 rules), loose impediments, dew, surface irregularities and removable artificial objects can be moved, modified or removed (rules 5-2 and5-3) , play your shot with the ball placed between the tee-markers and/or between the ends of the line and not in front of these marks (rule 5-6).

Ball in Play and Ball Out of Bounds:

-A ball is in play when it was played in accordance with the rules and if it comes to rest on the track. If any part of the ball touches the grid, it is in. (definition of "ball in play").

New Rule Change Effectively Immediately

All clubs used in competition must conform with the USGA Rules of Golf which limits length to a maximum of 48”.

March 9th 2017.- Like the World Long Drive Association (WLDA) announced a few weeks ago, a rule has changed as it relates to club length that will go into effect immediately for all future LDET (Long Drivers European Tour) tournaments. The new rule states that all clubs used in competition must conform with the USGA® Rules of Golf (Appendix II, 1c), which limits club length to a maximum of 48”. The rule will be upheld at all the events through the use of a Measuring Tool for measuring club length. LDET will measure and check all the clubs during the registrations.

The rule change in effect will reduce the previous maximum length allowed (50") and is being implemented to allow Long Drive competitors to be held to the same standard of competition as Tour professionals in accordance with the USGA. 

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