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April 21st .- DENMARK will host a LDET championship for a second time. It will be at Ry GolfKlub next 5th & 6th May. The golf course is located in the town of Ry: Come to watch the best European hitters: Maurice Allen, Teemu Pitkänen, Timo Petrasch, Matt Nicolle.. and the Danish players Frederik Frost and Michael Jepsen.  MORE INFO & REGISTRATIONS

The longest hitters in the LDET history

The longest hitters in the LDET history.

Will any player beat the record this season?

No Distance No Glory!

LDET brings the long drive to the European Tour

April 4th 2017- The Long Drivers European Tour is proud to announce that the long drive show will be featured at the Portugal Masters on the European Tour. The best 4 players on the ranking in September will be invited on Saturday 23rd to the Portugal Masters at Oceanico Victoria Golf Club, Vilamoura to do a special demo show in front of the crowds on the 18th hole. 

After the Saturday golf round, the best 4 hitters in Europe will show their skills and how they smash the ball with the driver. Spectators will also participate in the show and after that, the hitters will have a friendly championship. PRESS RELEASE

NOTE: The date of the Spain LDET Championship next September at Guadalhorce Club de Golf has been changed to Sunday 24th instead of Saturday 23rd

STAR GRIP renew with the LDET circuit

March 20th, 2017- The Long Drivers European Tour and Star Grip® today announced a continuation of their agreement making Star Grips an official sponsor of the 2017 circuit beginning in Denmark and running through the whole season.

Star Grip involvement with the Long Drivers European Tour continues this year as an Official Grip Sponsor, including a significant activation at every event of the season. “We are very happy to renew our sponsorship with the tour. We will also award the Top 3 LDET players of each championship with a set of our professional golf grips” says John Nunes , President of Star Grip. PRESS RELEASE

Less than two months for the 2017 season

Maurice Allen (USA) 2015 & 2016 LDET Champ.

"The LDET has been a key part of my success in the sport of long drive over the last two seasons. I'm looking forward to the competition as the new stops on the tour and I expect this year to be the best LDET season ever."

Scott Beaven (ENG) Euro Champion

"I'm looking forward to hitting with the best guys in Europe and in the world this year.I´m excited to renew my rivalry with Maurice Allen and challenge him for his LDET title. This is an exciting time for Long Drive in Europe and the World!"

Mauro Benaglio (CH) 3rd on 2016 ranking

"Last year I had a great season with many cool journeys and tournaments. I finished 3rd in the LDET ranking tour. This year my goal is to win every championship I play".

LONG DRIVERS EUROPEAN TOUR is proud to announce that KRANK GOLF is the Official Driver of the tour for the 2017 season. Krank Golf® is unquestionably the authority in distance hitting with 20 World Long Drive Championships.

With this agreement, Krank Golf will have visibility in each tournament and will award the player with the Longest Ball of the Day” of each tournament with a custom built Krank Golf Formula 7 driver.

We at Krank Golf are very proud to announce our partnership as the Official Driver of the LDET for the 2017 season. Krank Golf is committed to the Sport of Long Drive worldwide with 20 World Long Drive Championships. We believe the LDET is committed to expanding this amazing sport throughout Europe. We are 100% on board with that and looking forward to an amazing 2017 season”, Lance Reader, Krank Golf President. PRESS RELEASE

All clubs used in competition must conform with the USGA Rules of Golf which limits length to a maximum of 48”.

March 9th 2017.- Like the World Long Drive Association (WLDA) announced a few weeks ago, a rule has changed as it relates to club length that will go into effect immediately for all future LDET (Long Drivers European Tour) tournaments. The new rule states that all clubs used in competition must conform with the USGA® Rules of Golf (Appendix II, 1c), which limits club length to a maximum of 48”. The rule will be upheld at all the events through the use of a Measuring Tool for measuring club length. LDET will measure and check all the clubs during the registrations. READ MORE // LDET RULES

The Long Drivers European Tour premieres its fifth season in Denmark

3rd March 2017, BARCELONA. – The LDET presents the fifth season which will start next 5th and 6th May in Denmark. The Ry Silkeborg GolfKlub will host the first tournament of the LDET and new locations have been added to the LDET tour this year.

Bulgaria will welcome the tour for the first time and 3 of the nine countries - Germany, Estonia and Spain - will return to the tour after a year of absence. Austria, Hungary and Slovenia will complete the calendar.


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Relive some of the best moments of the 2016 LDET season! MORE PHOTOS

October 9th 2016.- After the cancellation of the final event this year, now the season is over. Postponing the final round would have caused many logistical problems for both players and staff. We have had 9 amazing tournaments this year across Europe starting in April at the “Home of golf” in St. Andrews and finishing last September in Portugal.

The fourth season of the Long Drivers European Tour is over and this means that the ranking/standings after 9 championships are final: Maurice Allen is the 2016 LDET Champion, Emil Rosberg finishes 2nd and Mauro Benaglio 3rd. CONGRATULATIONS

24th September 2016 – QUINTA DO CONDE (PORTUGAL). – Ilija Djurdjevic, the Serbian player of the circuit, won the ninth tournament of the Long Drivers European Tour after winning the final of the Portugal Championship against Maurice Allen in two clear sets with two shots of 328 and 330 yards. Allen loses thus his second consecutive final, but he achieves the top of the ranking as the Swedish Emil Rosberg was also eliminated in Quarters against Djurdjevic. The event was held at Golf & Country Club Quinta do Peru, just 30 minutes from Lisbon. PRESS RELEASE / VIDEO

A short distance from Lisbon, near the Parque Natural da Arrábida, within reach of the pristine beaches of the Costa Azul, is one of the most exclusive and charming private condominiums in Portugal: Quinta do Peru.

The ranking is closer than ever! Who will be crowned European Champion this season?... Place your bets! PAIRINGS // MORE INFO

Pearmain beats Allen and wins in Italy

10th September 2016 – SOIANO DEL LAGO (ITALY). – The new player, the English Brad Pearmain, won the eight tournament of the Long Drivers European Tour after winning in the final of the Italy LDET Championship against Maurice Allen (USA) in two sets with two shots of 326 and 329 yards. Pearmain played his first tournament of the season in the LDET and he also beat the current number one of the ranking, the Swede Emil Rosberg in the Quarters. The tournament was held for the first time at the Garda Golf Club. MORE INFO // RESULTS

Maurice Allen wins in Bled and faces the number one on the ranking

20th August 2016 – BLED (SLOVENIA). – American Maurice Allen won clearly the seventh tournament of the Long Drivers European Tour after winning in the final of the Slovenia LDET Championship against Ajay Matharu (KEN) in two sets with two best shots of 365 and 369 yards. Allen sums up his third win of the season and pursues the first place of the ranking still in the hands of Swede Emil Rosberg. The tournament was held for the first time at the Golf Course Bled. RESULTS // RANKING

Longest Ball

Teemu Pitkänen (FIN) "Longest Ball Record" in 4 years of the LDET circuit: 440 yards!

The records

Here you are the Longest Ball marks of the  tour in 4 years:

1.- 440y Temu Pitkänen
2.- 438y Maurice Allen
3.- 433y Emil Rosberg
4.- 426y Vincent Palm
5.- 425y Timo Petrasch
6.- 423y T. Marionex 
7.- 420y M. Benaglio  
8.- 416y Scott Beaven 
9.- 412y Joe Miller 
10.- 408y Fredrik Frost 

No Distance, No Glory

Promotional video

The MASTERS LDET 2015: What a great and amazing show awaits us next weekend at Lumine Golf! VIDEO

Click here for the championship Info

D.Lubbe champion of the Volvik Cup

November 27th 2015.- South African hitter has won the Volvik CUP beating Adrián Sánchez in the final by  370 - 356. CONGRATS Dewald! INFO

Watch the Long Drivers swings

September 2015.- Watch and enjoy all the swings of some of the players who were competing last weekend at the SPAIN LDET Championship in Mijas: Persson, Beaven, Allen, Lubbe...and company. Thanks to Matthew Parry and Jason Floyd Academy.


Highlights of the Season´14: Inside the game


Promotional event

In Germany we organized a very cool event between the long drivers. Guess who is the best with the drive on the green? WATCH THE VIDEO

Final Top-3 2015

Final 2015 podium: Maurice Allen, Dewald Lubbe & Frederik Frost. FINAL RANKING // FOTOS 2015

LDET 2014

J. Miller champion 

Final 2014 podium: Joe Miller (7.000) , John McSloy (5.400) & Scott Beaven (4.000). FINAL RANKING // FOTOS.

LDET 2013

Podium: Miller, Persson & McSloy 

2013 Ranking: Miller 4.000, Persson 3.900 and McSloy 2.850 

LDET tournament promotions:

THE MASTERS: Penalty shootout

The long drivers have played a penalty shootout at the Torremirona football field. Jamie Kinnell (SCO) won the game.

SPANISH LDET 2013: Mijas bullring

The LDET players showed their drivers at the bullring of Mijas town the afternoon before of the big event.

Next tournament: 5th & 6th May

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