The 25th & 26th July 2014 will take place the Czech Republic LDET Championship in Celadna (Czech Republic).

Prosper Golf Resort Celadna, located close to the picturesque village of Celadna in the north-east of the Czech Republic, in the heart of the tallest peaks of Beskydy mountains, offers top class sport and leisure activities, and much more.

Both eighteen hole golf courses are ideally placed in the local landscape. The Resort is surrounded by beautiful mountains and forests.  The courses offer many water hazards, sand traps, Scottish bunkers and spacious, beautifully shaped greens. Miguel Angel Jiménez is the designer of the golf courses. More info here

Joe Miller, the unstoppable long driver.

LJUBLJANA – Joe Miller (ENG) has won the fourth LDET tournament with a bomb of 395 yards. The English player beat John McSloy in 2 straight sets, a completely amazing final. Golf and long drive lovers have enjoyed the first Long Drivers European Tour event held in Slovenia thanks to Manner, one of the main sponsors of the tournament held in Golf Arboretum near Ljubljana.   RESULTS   //   RANKING

Friday afternoon: practice session:

The long drivers have been training this afternoon at the competition tee. They have a good feelings for tomorrow.

Slovenian LDET Championship will start at 9AM with the Juniors and at 10AM the big event! More info on :

Pairings of the Slovenia LDET Championship

The SLOVENIA LDET Championship will start at 9am with the junior competition and at 10am the big event with the Professionals.

3 rounds, 4 groups, 2.45 seconds/round... Dj, Music, Speaker, bar, excellent atmosphere, TV media.... Are you going to miss the big event?. Check here for the schedule.

Don´t miss it!

This 4th & 5th July at Golf Arboretum Ljubljana. The ad is showed on the Slovenian national channels.

SLOVENIA LDET Championship: 4 & 5 July

Next 4th & 5th July will take place the SLOVENIA LDET Championship at Golf Arboretum Ljubljana in Volcji Potok (Slovenia). The tournament will include beverages + free foods for the competitors, players welcome pack and more surprises for the players.

On Friday afternoon we will organize a promotional event at the city center of Ljubljana with a golf simulator.

We will have a media meeting and then players will be invited a free dinner + beers + player's party at Knafljev prehod- Cutty Sark Pub, Cantina Mexicana and AS Aperitivo)... More info

JOE MILLER wins the UK LDET C´Ship three times in a row!

AGAIN! Joe Miller (ENG) has won the third LDET tournament after two sets and has reached 348 yards. The British player beat Scott Beaven in two straight sets, a completely amazing final. Golf and long drive lovers have enjoyed the first Long Drivers European Tour event held in the UK thanks to Tomintoul, Speyside Glenlivet single malt Scotch whisky.

Updated LDET Ranking. // RESULTS

TOMINTOUL main sponsor of the UK event

OXFORD 4th June.- Angus Dundee Distillers PLC and Long Drivers European Tour have signed a partnership agreement featuring the brand Tomintoul single malt as the main sponsor for the UK LDET Championship. Tomintoul single malt advertising will be placed on the competition field (tee box and the whole grid) for the UK championship.

The organization of the LDET circuit will award with Tomintoul single malt bottles the Top-3 of the professional category (Bottle aged 36 years for the Champion, 16 years for the 2nd and 14 years for the 3rd ) and the best senior (bottle aged 33 years) , amateur (champion bottle aged 12 years & runner-up bottle aged 10 years) and Ladies (bottle aged 16 years). 

Scotch Whisky has had a long association with golf. After all, both are Scottish inventions! Big golf tournaments already have well established sponsors but this is the first time that the Long Drivers European Tour have competed in Britain and we are delighted to take this opportunity to support this unique form of golf through our single malt whisky brand, Tomintoul.” says Duncan Baldwin, the Regional Director of Angus Dundee Distillers. News

The best hitters will land in UK

The Long Drive show (longest golf ball) enjoys its second season and arrives for the first time in England thanks to the Long Drivers European Tour (LDET);  Heathfield Park Golf Driving Range near Oxford will hold the UK LDET CHAMPIONSHIP. The competition will take place on Friday 6th and Saturday 7th of June and will attract the best European hitters; such as Joe Miller (UK, 2013 LDET Champion and 2010 World Champion), CJ Hellstrom (SWE), Dan Konyk (UK), and John McSloy (SCO), amongst others.           More info

Joe Miller wins the Germany Championship.

If something has to be.. It will be…. and Joe Miller has won the second tournament of the LDET season with a incredible hit of 374.6 yards. Miller beat Scott Beaven in the big final

The English player repeats victory and gains the second event of the season.

The strong wind in the afternoon made player’s lives impossible and there were several hits out of bounds.   News

LDET Ranking // Results

Promotional event

Who is the best with the drive on the green? WATCH THE VIDEO

Players impressions

First impressions of the LDET Players before the GERMANY event. VIDEO.

Disabled golfer

Jens Mapfuhl a disabled golfer, will come tomorrow Saturday 24th to the Germany LDET Championship to show his amazing abilities with one arm. Video

Preparation the grid

Thursday 22nd: Previous preparations for the Germany LDET Championship. Video

Andreas Persson: Injured

Andreas Persson with a back injury will miss part of the LDET season.

The season has not started well for one of the best players in the LDET circuit. The Swedish Andreas Persson will miss part of the season due to a back injury.

“Does not look good, but I'm working hard to back training again“,declared the hitter,who reached the semifinals in the first tournament of the season held last April in Belgium. News

Official hotel

Official Hotels of the GERMANY Championship next 23rd & 24th May in Karben, near Frankfurt. Book your hotel room as soon as possible and don´t miss the second big event of the LDET season. Keep training hard and see you in Germany.  More info here

The movie of Belgium

Enjoy the best images of the Belgium LDET Championship held last 12 April in Oostende.

Photos gallery

Joe Miller wins the BELGIUM Championship

Oostende.-  Joe Miller has won the first tournament of the Long Drivers European Tour  with a bomb of 327 yards (299 meters). Miller has beaten the Scottish John McSloy in the final of the event celebrated at Hippodrome of Oostende. The first event has been full of emotion and adrenaline with almost thirty players in competition and the Long Drivers Belgium collaboration. Read the complete new //  Results



11th APRIL:
10.00-16.00: Free practice driving range.
16.30-17.15: Free practice competition area + Players registration (Entry fee payment + Clubs checking ... More info


Know more about the city of Oostende, the first stop of the "LDET calendar". Video

Friday: Training session

LDET PODIUM´13: Miller, Persson & McSloy

Joe Miller

2013 LDET CHAMPION             After winning THE MASTERS LDET CUP in Torremirona Golf Resort, crowned 2013 LDET champion. Results /Ranking

LDET tournaments promotion:

THE MASTERS: Penalty shootout

The long drivers have played a penalty shootout at the Torremirona football field. Jamie Kinnell (SCO) won the game.

SPANISH LDET 2013: Mijas bullring

The LDET players showed their drivers at the bullring of Mijas town the afternoon before of the big event.


25h & 26th July, Prosper Golf Resort.

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