JETVIP new sponsor for the Russia LDET

St. Petersburg, 26t May 2018. – Long Drivers European Tour (LDET) is pleased to announce an official sponsorship with JETVIP as a new sponsor for the Russian tournament.

The JETVIP, will for the first time appear at the RUSSIA LDET Championship at Peterhof Golf Club this weekend 2nd and 3rd June at the fourth event of the season.

In addition to its sponsorship, this aviation broker company will award the Top3 LDET member-players with a free charter flight across Europe (option is valid for 1 year, for two people) and with a check of 200€ for the “longest ball of the day”.

On behalf of one of the incontestable leaders of Russian business aviation, JETVIP company, we are glad to greet the distinguished guests and participants of the LDET championship here in St.Petersburg! Technical precision, prediction, intense attention to every single move - that is what makes your gorgeous sport elite. And the same you can find in what we professionally do. In this due there is no doubt for me that JETVIP and LDET support of each other is a natural matter and will inevitably entail gaining the momentum for both our companies.” said Osit Aleksandr, CEO of Jetvip


JETVIP LLC is a dependable international company with over 12 years of experience in the domain and international aviation field. The company's headquarters is situated near Vnukovo-3. Jetvip experts speak several languages and can help schedule a flight for you to any destination worldwide 24/7. The company's customer audience is comprised of big business executives, the world's largest corporations, political and corporate elite, business tour operators.

JETVIP LLC has been providing business aviation services worldwide since 2003. The service our customers enjoy truly deserves to be designated as VIP aviation. At any time of day or night, with no days off, you can count on us.

Colorado Golf new media partner

Thursday 22nd February 2018 — Long Drivers European Tour has announced a new media partnership with ColoradoGolfBlog (CGB) for the 2018 season. CGB has become a premiere destination for younger generations looking to engage with the game off the course, working to help grow the game for future generations.

We’re witnessing a rejuvenated energy in the game right now, and at the forefront of that are these exciting tour athletes and events and their ability to attract and connect with younger golfers” ColoradoGolfBlog Co-Founder Craig Lemley says. “We’ve worked with athletes before, but to have a renown professional tour like LDET embrace what we’re doing on social media, and invite us to be a trusted media partner means a lot. Very exciting”.

As reigning LDET Champion Matt Nicolle, who won 4 LDET events and earned four top-three finishes in 2017, looks to defend his title, the 2018 LDET will also bring an exciting new array of storylines to its ever-excellent atmosphere, including the Nations Cup competition (Sept. 21-22 at the Château De Taulane) featuring international teams in a first-of-its-kind competition, select pro-am competitions and special contests, and the tour’s debut in Russia (Russia Championship, June 2-3 at Peterhof Golf Club, St. Petersburg). 

With this year’s tour set to be more thrilling that ever, LDET Founder and CEO Xavier Eusebio sees promise in partnering with CGB. "This year will be the sixth season of the tour. We have players from around the world competing — from Europe and the US, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, South Africa, and more,” Eusebio says. “For us to have CGB on board as official partner is really great. Social media is very important nowadays and we believe CGB will do an excellent job promoting the Tour worldwide.”

After what Matt Nicolle did last year, and the excitement about the upcoming season among the players and fans, 2018 is set to be a big year for the Long Drivers European Tour,” Lemley says. “We couldn’t have asked for a better time to get involved with this tour”.

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Tee Claw renews the partnership with LDET 

Friday 9t February 2018.- Tee Claw renews the partnership with LDET. TEE CLAW enables golfers to use a real tee on synthetic turf mats and grass and replaces the dreaded rubber tube. It is the most versatile training aid on the market. Can use if for alignment, ball position, swing path, putting, chipping and so much more.

“Tee Claw is excited to partner with the LDET Circuit!  Long Drivers around the world are now using the Tee Claw in their practice sessions and are no longer stuck using the dreaded rubber tubes. They are able to use real golf tees and get the desired height that they want during practice and during competition.  The Tee Claw now "Conforms to the Rules of Golf" so long drivers will be able to use the Tee Claw during their events to get their desired Tee height every time.  Tee Claw is very grateful to be partnering with the LDET and we look forward to an awesome 2018 season” said John Black the CEO of Tee Claw LLC.   

All the LDET member players will get a set of Tee Claw at the opening season event in France next 7th & 8th April at Hotel Golf Château de Chailly. From now, you will get better results on your training sessions. TEE CLAW Video

Foresight Sports Europe joins de Tour

Monday 5th February 2017.- Ball speed, club speed, launch angle, total spin... All you need to know during your training sessions and during the tournaments!

“Foresight Sports Europe are delighted to be supporting the Long Drivers European Tour at their opening event in France in April. Using our ground-breaking GCQuad technology we are excited to be helping some of the biggest hitters in Europe to better understand their ball launch and club delivery data, and we’re looking forward to seeing how this can help them hit longer drives” said Tom Davies from Foresight Sports Europe.

The brand will be present at the FRANCE LDET Championship next April at Hôtel Golf Château de Chailly. Video:

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