CJ Hellstrom wins THE MASTERS CUP

November 17th.- CJ Hellström has proclaimed champion of The Masters LDET Cup after winning the Spanish Adrián Sánchez by 2 sets to 1 with a last blow of 352 yards, in the spectacular final of the last tournament of the Long Drivers European Tour, held at Lumine Golf on Saturday the 15th .

Joe Miller has been crowned as the 2014 LDET CHAMPION!  GALLERY

Lumine Golf will host THE MASTERS CUP

24th September, BARCELONA.- Lumine Mediterránea Beach & Golf Community has been confirmed as the venue for the final event of the 2014 Long Drivers European Tour season, THE MASTERS LDET CUP. In what is set to be a thrilling climax to the second season of the Long Drivers European Tour circuit. The MASTERS CUP tournament, we these the likes of Joe Miller (ENG, 2010 World Champion and 2013 LDET European Champion), John McSloy (SCO), Scott Beaven (ENG) and Dewald Lubbe (SAF) among others compete for one of the most coveted titles in the world of long driving. MORE INFO

Joe Miller: European Long Drive Champion 2014 after the victory in France

CANNES, 18th October.- Joe Miller has won the eighth LDET tournament of the season, played at Domaine de Barbossi, after beating CJ Hellström by 2 sets to 0 with a hit of 362 yards and is the new European Long Drive 2014 Champion.

The FRANCE LDET CHAMPIONSHIP started punctually at 10am with group 1 where we have seen the American long driver Maurice Allen, one of the fastest players in the long drive world. After the 3 rounds, he was the best of his group with a mark of 337 yards. In the pairings, the best scores from the other players were: Timo Petrasch (GER, 316y), Dewald Lubbe (SAF, 300y) and Philippe Jost (FRA, 296y).

The hole number 18 of Domaine de Barbossi had plus difficulties: some bunkers and several trees in both sides of the grid... MORE INFO

Miller suffers to win in Mijas

6th September, MIJAS.- The English Joe Miller has won the SPAIN LDET Championship, played at the 13th hole of Los Lagos in Mijas Golf International, after beating his compatriot Dan Konyk by 2 sets to 0 in a tournament where several hitters crossed the barrier of 400 yards. Miller has been on the verge of falling in the semi-finals after the Spanish Adrián Sánchez has put him in several troubles.

Javier Romera won the second edition of the Spanish Long Drive Amateur Championship with a hit of 332 yards. MORE INFO SOON! LDET RANKING

SPAIN LDET Championship

1st September.- Only 5 days for the big SPAIN LDET Championship at Mijas Golf International. The best European hitters as Joe Miller, John McSloy, Dan Konyk, Timo Petrasch, Mauro Benaglio, Dewald Lubbe… will show their power in this amazing golf resort located in south Spain.

The Spanish local player Miguel Perez (#15 in the LDET ranking) will be one of the two Spanish bombers. The other one will be Adrián Sánchez. Both players are willing to start the competition and will try to achieve the best hits and finish in top positions.

We will also have the Spanish Long Drive Amateur championship. MORE INFO

Joe Miller is still the best bomber

24th August, Pozzolengo.– He is still the best. Joe Miller (ENG) has won the sixth LDET tournament held at Chervó Golf San Vigilio in the city of Pozzolengo after beating the English Scott Beaven for 2 sets to 1. The final has been hotly contested and Miller reached a mark of 377 yards to win Beaven, number 3 in LDET ranking. READ MORE

Long Drivers will visit Bulgarini vineyard

· An exciting event next Friday at 15pm. 

20th August, POZZOLENGO.- The day before the competition the players will attend a promotional event in Cantina Bulgarini (www.vini-bulgarini.com); they have been invited to enjoy a visit to their vineyards and a tasting of their best wines: Garda Chardonnay Brut DOC (2013) , Lugana DOC 010 (2013) and Rossobruno (2012).

It will be a good opportunity to see who the best sommelier of the LDET circuit is.

DEWALD LUBBE wins in Czech Republic!!

26th July, CELADNA.– This time, the title has travelled far away. Dewald Lubbe (SA) has won the fifth LDET championship of the season held at Prosper Golf Resort in the city of Celadna after beating the Scottish John McSloy for 2 sets to 1. The final has been hotly contested and Lubbe, one of the new season rookies has reached a mark of 358 yards to win McSloy, number 2 in LDET ranking.


Joe Miller, the unstoppable long driver.

5th July, LJUBLJANA – Joe Miller (ENG) has won the fourth LDET tournament with a bomb of 395 yards. The English player beat John McSloy in 2 straight sets, a completely amazing final. Golf and long drive lovers have enjoyed the first Long Drivers European Tour event held in Slovenia thanks to Manner, one of the main sponsors of the tournament held in Golf Arboretum near Ljubljana.READ MORE

JOE MILLER wins the UK LDET C´Ship three times in a row!

7th June, Oxford.- AGAIN! Joe Miller (ENG) has won the third LDET tournament after two sets and has reached 348 yards. The British player beat Scott Beaven in two straight sets, a completely amazing final. Golf and long drive lovers have enjoyed the first Long Drivers European Tour event held in the UK thanks to Tomintoul, Speyside Glenlivet single malt Scotch whisky.


TOMINTOUL main sponsor of the UK event

OXFORD 4th June.- Angus Dundee Distillers PLC and Long Drivers European Tour have signed a partnership agreement featuring the brand Tomintoul single malt as the main sponsor for the UK LDET Championship. Tomintoul single malt advertising will be placed on the competition field (tee box and the whole grid) for the UK championship.

The organization of the LDET circuit will award with Tomintoul single malt bottles the Top-3 of the professional category (Bottle aged 36 years for the Champion, 16 years for the 2nd and 14 years for the 3rd ) and the best senior (bottle aged 33 years) , amateur (champion bottle aged 12 years & runner-up bottle aged 10 years) and Ladies (bottle aged 16 years). READ MORE

Joe Miller wins with a bomb of 374 yards

FRANKFURT.- If something has to be.. It will be…. and Joe Miller has won the second tournament of the LDET season with a incredible hit of 374.6 yards. Miller beat Scott Beaven in the big final. The competition started with the qualifying groups, at 11.00amThe weather was perfect for practising long drive, with no wind and hazy sunshine. The event was held at Karben Driving Range, near Frankfurt. MORE

Joe Miller wins the BELGIUM Championship

OOSTENDE (BELGIUM).- Joe Miller has won the first tournament of Long Drivers European Tour with a bomb of 327 yards (299 meters). Miller has beaten the Scottish John McSloy in the final of the event celebrated at Hippodrome of Oostende. The first championship of the season has been full of emotion and adrenaline with almost thirty players in competition and with the collaboration of Long Drivers Belgium. READ MORE


"Long Drivers" warming up for the 2014

- The Long Drivers European Tour reaches more countries with tournaments now in Germany and Slovenia

- The current LDET champion, Britain's Joe Miller, will defend his crown

- New rules: players equipment will be regulated for better championship competitiveness and development

January 6, 2014. - BARCELONA. The Long Drivers European Tour (LDET) warms up and prepares the new 2014 season. In its second year of competition, the circuit will pass through new countries and will commence in Belgium on April 12. Europe's top hitters will return to show their talent and Britain's Joe Miller will defend his tour championship title.

The Long Drive emotion is back thanks to LDET, that will introduce this sport into a minimum of five new European countries. In April, the Wellington Golf Club in Ostende (Belgium), will start the season, which will end in November and no doubt will be hard fought.

Germany, UK, Slovenia and Italy are all introduced as new destinations, and their best holes and facilities will be the battlefield of the best hits of Miller, Persson, McSloy et al. LDET season repeat venues such as Prosper Golf Resort (Celadna, Czech Republic) or the Mijas Golf International (Malaga, Spain). In the coming weeks the new cities will be announced to complete an expected and continuous growing circuit.

Britain's Joe Miller will defend the title as current European Long Drive Champion achieved in 2013. Miller reached the trophy in the last hit of the season, snatching the crown off Sweden's Andreas Persson in Torremirona (The LDET Masters Cup). Thanks to LDET's circuit, this season many more European players will jump on the Long Drive cart to tour Europe.

Apart from the new competition stages, LDET goes forward into the professionalization of the circuit and will publish, in the coming days, the new tournament regulations. Tee and fairway measurements and players equipment will be regulated to improve the competitiveness and development of each championship. Also, the circuit will keep open the amateur player inclusion from each country, enabling them to test their skills against Europe's best.

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