2UNDR proudly sponsor LDET 2017  

29th September 2017.- We are excited to announce that 2UNDR (www.2undr.eu) are an official sponsor of the Long Drivers European Tour for the 2017 season. The LDET is the only circuit in the world of this golf discipline (a part of the World Championships).

During the 2017/18 season 2UNDR will be represented at some of the best golf courses in Europe. Last weekend at the SPAIN Long Drivers tournament, the Champion Matt Nicolle and the runner-up Steve Curtis were wearing their 2UNDR to improve airflow, keeping them cool when involved in the strenuous activity.

Golfing with a Difference: The Long Drivers

The Long Drive is a fun competitive sport with the aim to hit the golf ball as far as possible across a non-conventional field with a width of 45-60 yards and 450 yards in length. Competitors are allocated 2 minutes 45 seconds to hit 6 golf balls which must land within the ground bounds! The European structure consists of ten events, with the upcoming final event to be announced very soon! In each event there is a qualifying round which subsequently leads to the two best players competing it out in the final.

Like every competition nowadays there’s always an incentive for the players, and this one is no different with attractive prizes – all the more to play for! As the season draws to an end, the final event of the season is quickly approaching – the Masters LDET. Nevertheless, this short insight should get you geared up for next year if you’re a keen golfer wanting to get involved. Next year’s tour is open to every professional LD previously registered and in some events also for amateur golfers.

BRENNER MADE new Champagne sponsor

· Brenner Made Champagne today announced the brand will be the official champagne sponsor of the tour and will provide the bottles of champagne at the podium ceremonies

4th September 2017, France.- BRENNER MADE has signed an agreement with Long Drivers European Tour to become one of the official sponsor of the circuit and will start their presence in three weeks at the Spain LDET championship.

"We are proud to launch our sport apparel line and BM-12/17 Champagne on the LDET. All the proceeds from our ventures go to the Brenner Foundation to support programs for Children, Veterans and the Homeless". M12 brand, a partner of the Brenner Made brand, will be active in building interest in LDET. Our focus has been partnering with leaders in Sports such as Golf, Polo, Tennis, Yachting, Cricket, Motorsport and Fencing". Richard Mahee, owner of M12.

"It is our focus to build awareness for the Brenner Foundation to increase support for causes related to our programs." says Christine Brenner founder of the Brenner Foundation.

Under the new partnership agreement, BRENNER MADE is the official champagne, sponsoring the LDET championships at trophy ceremonies.

The sponsorship will also allow in the future all the members, fans, players… to follow the circuit around Europe with M12 Magazine’s TV division, which produces sports and entertainment television in the United States.

"We welcome BRENNER MADE to the spectacular LONG DRIVERS EUROPEAN TOUR and the most amazing discipline and entertainment in the golf industry". said Xavier Eusebio, CEO & Founder of the LDET.

See you in three weeks at the Spain LDET Championship!

TEE CLAW new sponsor of the tour

July 7th 2017.- The Tee Claw has signed as a new LDET sponsor for the rest of the season. TEE CLAW enables golfers to use a real tee on synthetic turf mats and grass and replaces the dreaded rubber tube. It is the most versatile training aid on the market. Can use if for alignment, ball position, swing path, putting, chipping and so much more.

All the LDET players will get a set of Tee Claw at the next event in Slovenia. It is the most versatile training aid on the market. From now, you will get better results on your training sessions. TEE CLAW Video

STAR GRIP renew with the Tour

March 20th, 2017- The Long Drivers European Tour and Star Grip® today announced a continuation of their agreement making Star Grips an official sponsor of the 2017 circuit beginning in Denmark and running through the whole season.

Star Grip involvement with the Long Drivers European Tour continues this year as an Official Grip Sponsor, including a significant activation at every event of the season. “We are very happy to renew our sponsorship with the tour. We will also award the Top 3 LDET players of each championship with a set of our professional golf grips” says John Nunes , President of Star Grip.

Star Grip® line of golf grips are for the professional, competitive, or recreational golfer with the focus on quality, durability and consistency. Its proprietary manufacturing and superior material formulation has allowed the grip to be consistent on many levels.  Star Grip® is the only golf grip company in the world offering an industry leading 3-Year Guarantee that the grips will not get hard and slick over time as a result of salt, moisture, U.V. and ozone exposure.  STAR GRIPs are manufactured in the USA at their factory in Chandler, Arizona.

KRANK GOLF official driver of the LDET

Krank Golf® is unquestionably the authority in distance hitting with 20 World Long Drive Championships

LONG DRIVERS EUROPEAN TOUR is proud to announce that KRANK GOLF is the Official Driver of the tour for the 2017 season.

With this agreement, Krank Golf will have visibility in each tournament and will award the player with the Longest Ball of the Day” of each tournament with a custom built Krank Golf Formula 7 driver.

We at Krank Golf are very proud to announce our partnership as the Official Driver of the LDET for the 2017 season. Krank Golf is committed to the Sport of Long Drive worldwide with 20 World Long Drive Championships. We believe the LDET is committed to expanding this amazing sport throughout Europe. We are 100% on board with that and looking forward to an amazing 2017 season”, Lance Reader, Krank Golf President.

Krank Golf® is unquestionably the authority in distance hitting with 20 World Long Drive Championships, including the 2010 (1st and 2nd), 2011(1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th) and 2012 (1st, 2nd and 3rd), 2013 (1st, 3rd and 4th), 2015 (1st, 2nd, and 8th) Open Division Championships. Also, Krank Golf® Drivers have completely dominated the Sport of Long Drive Worldwide for over 8 years winning more Professional Long Drive events than any golf company in history. This includes Taylormade, Callaway, Titliest, Ping, Cobra and every other golf company on the planet. We know golf drivers and that is an absolute.

About Krank Golf:

Over the past 14 years we have defined and redefined what makes a golf driver perform. From day one we have developed golf drivers with one goal in mind, to create the best driver possible. We know for a fact that pure distance and accuracy is a combination of many things. There is no single factor that generates exurbanite distance and accuracy. Finding the magic is understanding how they all work together. Many companies claim they have the longest hitting golf drivers in the world, but only Krank Golf can prove it.

Our goal is for YOU to understand that Krank Golf® Drivers are the most forgiving and longest hitting golf drivers in the world today. We also understand that there is more to the game of golf than just your driver. We don’t build irons and probably never will.

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