TOMTOM sponsor of the MASTERS LDET

Barcelona, ​​25th November 2015.- The Long Drivers European Tour and TomTom has signed an agreement by which the brand will be one of the sponsors of the final tournament of the season this weekend at Lumine Golf; the LDET MASTERS CUP.

The sponsorship agreement between LDET and TomTom shows the similarities of a sport effort and perseverance, with a company whose values ​​are grounded in it.

As a sponsor of the MASTERS LDET TomTom wants to give its full support to the bombers and will award the best with a unique TomTom Golfer watch. The brand will also have advertising presence in the ​​competition area.

"TomTom is proud to sponsor the Masters LDET Cup. Some of the best world's hitters will compete this weekend in the tournament and we wish good luck to all of them”' says Angel Sevillano, Commercial Director TomTom Spain

In terms of functionality Golfer TomTom model, remember that allows to know the distance of the 18 holes of golf over 39,000 worldwide, with upgradable information wirelessly from your smartphone. It quickly locates the surroundings golf courses and the nearest golf hole where you are, and gives actual distances displayed accurately to the front, center and back of green.

VICHY CATALAN the official water sponsor of the Masters LDET Cup 

10th November 2015.- Long Drivers European Tour and the Vichy Catalán Group ( have signed a sponsorship agreement for the MASTERS LDET CUP that will take place next 27th and 28th November at Lumine Golf. Through this agreement, Vichy Catalán becomes the exclusive supplier of the waters (Vichy Catalán and Font d´Or) that will be offered during the big final event of the season. The agreement also considers advertising space for Vichy Catalán on the grid, the tee box and the stand.

The link between LDET and the Vichy Catalán Group responds to the tour´s policy to establish alliances with the main companies that are present in their area. Vichy Catalán is the leading company in its industry in Catalunya and the rest of the state.

Through this agreement, the Vichy Catalán supports the tour´s strategic plan and will also be present in the social media supporting the championship.

NAAK TIME at big LDET Finals 

Barcelona, 27th October 2015. - Long Drive European Tour and Naak Time have reached an agreement by which the brand will be the official watch next 27th and 28th November at the final tournament of the season: The LDET MASTERS CUP to be held in Lumine Golf.

This agreement is part of the Long Drivers European Tour strategy to sign commercial agreements with leading brands in their sector. Naak is a watch brand with high quality and essence. Naak mission is to lead a community of people that associate time to authentic lifestyle, being unique and irreplaceable in their choices in the day.

The best players of the final tournament will be awarded with a Naak product. "Naak represents a timeless values and that is why we want to give everyone the time. Each tick is a second life happens, flees and is not repeated" said Peter Cabestany, Product Manager and co-founder of Naak.

About Naak

We care about young people. We know that in today’s world it is not a matter of knowledge is what we do with our knowledge. We want to enhance awareness and responsibility of young people so that they choose a more creative and fulfilling life. As a result of our philosophy we provide a 1€ donation to “Youth Leadership Program” for every watch that we sell. #BeYourself

BILLIONAIRES ROW new official sponsor of the Long Drivers European Tour

The prestigious luxury brand, Billionaires Row ( has signed an agreement with Long Drivers European Tour to become one of the official sponsors of the season. Billionaires Row is a global luxury brand, which design, develop, and market, luxury goods for the modern trend setting and affluent consumer, by infusing new cutting edge concepts and iconic fundamentals into every product experience.

"Billionaires Row participates in luxury events like LDET because it is the type of event that our customers and award winners appreciate. Billionaires Row is a lifestyle company as much as it is focused on delivering superb products, such as our Champagne to the most exclusive corners of the world” William Benson, owner of Billionaire Row comments.

LDET events are a perfect fit to unite with our brands with we are proud to be part," he added

Under the new partnership agreement, Billionaires Row will be also the official champagne, sponsoring the corporate events of the LDET circuit and the trophy ceremonies during the whole season. 

The sponsorship will also allow all the members of the brands Row, to follow the circuit around Europe this 2015 season with their monthly magazine M12  

VOLVIK becomes title sponsor of the LDET

BARCELONA, 20th of March of 2015. The Long Drivers European Tour announced today that Korean Company VOLVIK Inc has been named the official title sponsor of the 2015 season: VOLVIK LDET circuit. The inaugural event of the VOLVIK LDET circuit will take place next 10th & 11th April at Bro Hof Slott with the Sweden LDET Championship.

As a title sponsor, Volvik will also be the official ball of the entire season. Volvik has developed a reputation based on perfect quality control and innovative development, quickly becoming one of the most significant and trusted golf ball manufacturers in the world.

To conquer Europe

For the Korean brand, the circuit is a step in its global growth. “We, Volvik Inc., have been investing in bringing in great LPGA Tour golfers for being a top golf company in the world” says Moon Kyung Ahn, president of Volvik Inc.Lately, we have been doing our very best to be the market leader in Europe as well as in America. We are expecting LDET to be one of the best solutions to achieve our goals in Europe. We are also expecting that the longest drive competition makes Volvik the best ball brand for its superior performance”, he adds. The LDET is one of the best levers that the company may have. “If LDET is expanding every year like nowadays, we hope that we can cooperate together in the next year´s too", he explains.

This new sponsorship is also a big step for LDET with the aim to further expand the circuit in Europe and soon in the rest of the world. “We are very happy to have Volvik Inc. join the Long Drivers European Tour family by becoming the Title Sponsor of the extremely popular long drive tour”, says Xavier Eusebio, General Manager of LDET.

Balls far away

As part of the agreement, Volvik will supply golf color balls at every event on the tournament schedule and be the Official long drive ball for the 2015 season. The long drivers will hit the model Vista IV of Volvik Balls further than ever before.

MUTANT GOLF, the powerful hit of the LDET

BARCELONA.- 16th of March. LONG DRIVERS EUROPEAN TOUR, the only long drive circuit in the world and MUTANT GOLF announced today an exciting new partnership. From March 2015 Mutant becomes the new official golf sponsor of the tour for the whole season.                  

With this sponsorship, Mutant Golf will have brand visibility in all the championships and in the tees and grids. They will also supply some products and drivers to the LDET and will offer special deals to the LDET players.

A present and a future bet

Mutant Golf has made the decision to sponsor the entire 2015 Long Drive European Tour. We feel that this partnership is not only a huge step for us, but for the sport of long drive as a whole. The sport of long drive is in a very unique point in time. The last several months have shown just how strong the roots of this power packed sport really are. There have been several individuals, as well as companies such as our own stepping up to the plate to nurture and advance both the current, and more importantly future growth of the sport of long drive”, said Josh Crews, Mutant Golf President.

“We at Mutant Golf are honored to have such a wonderful opportunity to be an integral part of the Long Drivers European Tour that is already 10 events strong and growing. We are excited to work with someone as passionate about sustainable long-term growth for our sport as they are. In just a few short months, we have been very fortunate to see our own business plan experience huge advances and successes so quickly. However, our strategy is to strive for continuous improvement, and long-term success. The 2015 LDET season is guaranteed to bring everyone involved a one-of-a-kind experience that perfectly blends raw power, elite athleticism, and a true competitive spirit that only the sport of long drive can deliver”, he added.

Meanwhile, Xavier Eusebio, CEO & Founder of the LDET, said: “We are delighted to have secured the sponsorship of Mutant Golf. Both companies are growing very fast and this sponsorship reaffirms our commitment to grown worldwide”.

COLMAR dress up LDET

Colmar, the Italian brand for well dressed golfers, is now the official supplier of the Long Drivers European Tour

LDET is proud to announce a new partnership with COLMAR, the Italian-based provider of premium golfing apparel.  As the official clothing sponsor, Colmar will be providing custom golf apparel to the LDET staff for the entire year and be one of the sponsors for the whole season.

The new sponsorship deal comes just 1 week after Long Drivers European Tour announced the spectacular 2015 calendar.

“LDET staff will take on a striking new look this year. We are really proud to wear this fashion and cool Italian brand” says Xavier Eusebio, the CEO of the LDET.

“Wear the LDET staff is great for us” says Stefano Colombo, marketing manager of Colmar “LDET tour means to be part of a top environment with a collection that reflect the spirit and the Association: sporty, fresh and cool. We are sure that our clothes and collection will be appreciated by the LDET team mostly for the technology we have in each clothes and for the Italian taste”.

SuperSpeed Golf, training system sponsor

- The training system help the long drivers to increase their club speed.
- Super Speed Golf & LDET signed the agreement at the PGA Show Orlando

Barcelona 29th January. - Good news for the long drivers: Super Speed Golf and Long Drivers European Tour have signed a partnership agreement featuring the brand as one of the sponsors for the 2015 LDET season.

The LDET players will be have the chance to test the Super Speed Golf products in all the championships during the season and will also get important discounts to purchase the products to increase their club speed.

SuperSpeed Golf uses over speed training to help golfers increase swing speed and distance. Many Long Drive professionals around the world are not yet familiar with overspeed training and have much to gain from adding this into their training regimen. In the past year the SuperSpeed Golf Training System helped many of the best Long Drive Professionals in the world reach the pinnacle of speed including Connor Powers, who recorded a 156MPH (251 KMH) swing speed! We are glad to be a part of the LDET and look forward to helping long drivers around the world increase their speed! says Michael Napoleon, Director of Golf Instruction Super Speed.

About Super Speed Golf;

The SuperSpeed Golf Training system is unique in that it uses a specific weighting system compared to a driver of 20% lighter, 10% lighter, and 5% heavier paired with intense and escalating training protocols to help golfers increase their swing speed. The system works by getting the body to move faster than normal with the same mechanics as the golf swing, then increasing the load (weight of the club) and having the body try to maintain the faster speeds. The SuperSpeed Training System also utilizes swings to the dominant side and non-dominant side helping to balance the power and stability of the body.

HAWKERS Co, the perfect hit inspiration

13/01/2015 BARCELONA.- The Long Drivers European Tour (LDET) incorporates the renowned brand of sunglasses Hawkers Co as a new sponsor for the new 2015 season. With this sponsorship agreement between the two companies, Hawkers Co will provide all the professional players of the circuit with its exclusive design and eyewear colors.

This collaboration comes at a time of an international expansion for both young companies. Hawkers Co is operating as a successful brand into the sunglasses fairing and they join the commitment and the betting that LDET is doing for the show-sport of Long Drive in Europe.

The best European hitters will wear the exclusive and unique Hawkers sunglasses in tournaments of the new 2015 season. The long drivers join in addition to other familiar faces who are already ambassadors of the brand like the model Andres Velencoso, the motorcycle rider Jorge Lorenzo and Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA.

This year will be the third season of the LDET circuit, which continue betting big on the long drive out to every corner of the old continent and this month of January will announce the new calendar with many attractions “We are very proud of this agreement between HAWKERS and LDET because we are two young companies, very actives, with an international projection and with a great future”, says Xavier Eusebio, founder and CEO of LDET. “Players, judges and the staff will wear the Hawkers sunglasses with a lot of power thanks to another big brand who has joined us with an energetic and a very cool character”, he adds.

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