MUTANT GOLF official sponsor of the MASTERS LDET CUP (14-15 November)

Designed by one of the longest drivers on the face of the earth, The BRUTE driver combines piercing distance with amazing accuracy

6th November 2014.- LONG DRIVERS EUROPEAN TOUR is delighted to announce that is has secured a sponsorship agreement with MUTANT GOLF for the final tournament of the 2014 season: THE MASTERS LDET CUP. The company has reached the “Finals Las Vegas 8” in his first Re/Max World Long Drive Championship held this week in US.

The final big championship will take place next 14th & 15th June at Lumine Mediterránea Beach & Golf Community.

With this sponsorship, Mutant Golf will supply some products to the LDET and will also offer special deals to the LDET players. During the event they will also have brand visibility in the tee and in the grid.

Mutant Golf is very excited to be a part of the LDET and the biggest European LD event of the year. Having just come off of a Final 8 finish at the Re/Max World Long Drive Championship, it seems only fitting that Mutant Golf become a major sponsor of the Masters Cup. The best LDers on the continent, a beautiful venue and the hard work of the LDET is sure to make this event as memorable as they come. said Josh Crews, Mutant Golf President.

About Mutant Golf:

Mutant Golf is a Texas based company that designs and manufactures high end drivers, hybrids, wedges and putters. The BRUTE driver is perhaps the hottest and lowest spinning driver ever designed, and because of this has rapidly found its way into professional and amateurs bags alike all over the world. It was engineered and produced by one of the longest hitters on the planet.

After the recent addition of our hybrids (Lil' BRUTE), they have become an overnight success. With a midlaunch and lower spin, they have given an all new meaning to the term "tour trajectory". Just three months after their introduction, the Lil' BRUTE hybrid has already sold over 10,000 units. More information about Mutant Golf products and athletes can be found at


ESTRELLA DAMM will be the official beer of THE MASTERS LDET CUP to be held next 14th & 15th November at Lumine Golf. With this sponsorship, ESTRELLA DAMM most traditional beer of the country, once again demonstrates his commitment to the sport by sponsoring the Long Drivers European Tour.

The brand will have a chill out area close to the competition area where all the players will taste their products and relax enjoying the big competition.

The last tournament of the season

This tournament is the final round of the 2014 LDET championship.The competition will feature the best hitters of Europe such as Joe Miller (UK, 2013 runner-up World Championship, 2010 World Champion), John Mcsloy (#2, SCO), Scott Beaven (#3,UK) Dewald Lubbe(#4, SAF) or CJ Hellstrom (#7, SWE) among others.

Adrian Sánchez will be again the only Spanish representative in the professional category and will compete against them with his spectacular records. Adrian did a great competition last September in Mijas (Malaga,SPA) where he reached the final 3rd position.

NORDES GIN: Gin-tonics tastings

Atn the Spanish tournament (5-6 Sept.), the brand will have a special bar and a professional bartender will prepare each gin tonic with amazing skills.

The LONG DRIVERS EUROPEAN TOUR and NORDES GIN have reached an agreement for NORDES GIN to be the present in the next long drive championship in Spain. The Galician company’s product will be featured on the next tournament and players, media and spectators  will have the opportunity to taste their products next Saturday during the day.

NORDES GIN is making its second incursion into the long drive world on the occasion of the Spanish LDET Championship, which this year will also celebrate its second edition in Mijas Golf International (Malaga).

“The LONG DRIVERS EUROPEAN TOUR will increase the awareness of the NORDES GIN brand in Spain and internationally. The European players are very successful and after a long day tournament NORDES GIN can give them an extra relax drink”, says Xoan Cannas, NORDES GIN CEO.

This year’s edition of the Spanish LDET Championship will be held the 5th and 6th September in the city of Mijas, near Malaga, and will bring the most outstanding long drive players on the European scene.

TOMINTOUL main sponsor of the UK event

OXFORD 4th June.- Angus Dundee Distillers PLC and Long Drivers European Tour have signed a partnership agreement featuring the brand Tomintoul single malt as the main sponsor for the UK LDET Championship. Tomintoul single malt advertising will be placed on the competition field (tee box and the whole grid) for the UK championship.

The organization of the LDET circuit will award with Tomintoul single malt bottles the Top-3 of the professional category (Bottle aged 36 years for the Champion, 16 years for the 2nd and 14 years for the 3rd ) and the best senior (bottle aged 33 years) , amateur (champion - bottle aged 12 years & runner-up bottle aged 10 years) and Ladies (bottle aged 16 years).

The “Longest Ball of the day” will be also sponsored by Tomintoul with a succulent Single malt bottle aged 16 years. All the players will also receive a welcome pack with Tomintoul bottle 10 year old miniature.

Duncan Baldwin (Angus Dundee) and Xavier Eusebio (LDET) Duncan Baldwin (Angus Dundee) and Xavier Eusebio (LDET)

Scotch Whisky has had a long association with golf. After all, both are Scottish inventions! Big golf tournaments already have well established sponsors but this is the first time that the Long Drivers European Tour have competed in Britain and we are delighted to take this opportunity to support this unique form of golf through our single malt whisky brand, Tomintoul.” says Duncan Baldwin, the Regional Director of Angus Dundee Distillers.

Tomintoul single malt has won many awards across the product range for its quality over many years. We hope that consistency of quality, an established characteristic of Tomintoul, is the right type of ingredient to work in partnership with an event which is growing in popularity across Europe, the LDET” added Mr. Baldwin.

KRANK new sponsor of the LDET

The brand aims to position itself in Europe through the circuit LDET

KRANK GOLF and LONG DRIVERS EUROPEAN TOUR have signed an agreement as a partner of the circuit for the whole season.

With this partnership, Krank Golf will have visibility in each tournament providing with clothes all the grid workers and volunteers. Also, the LDET Players will have special discounts on purchase of drivers.

The organization of the tour will award with a KRANK driver the best rookie in each tournament.

At Krank Golf our passion is Long Drive.  We are very excited to support LDET this year and look forward to helping them promote this Sport throughout Europe.  Long Drive is certainly a worldwide sport and the efforts of the LDET in expanding the participation and awareness of this sport are something we will always support.  Krank It Up!” said Lance Reader, Krank Golf President.

About Krank Golf:

For over 10 years we have been developing and refining the art of golf driver design. We were born in the Sport of Long Drive out of our passion to smash golf balls as far as possible, but have grown to fully understand what makes a golf driver perform at all swing speeds. Our biggest obstacle for over 10 years has been building the awareness that Krank Golf® Drivers are not just for Long Drive Golfers. We design all our drivers for every golfer at any swing speed. Krank Golf® sells 95% of our golf drivers to regular golfers and only 5% of our golf driver sales are to Long Drive Golfers. Krank Golf® has sold over 100,000 golf drivers worldwide.

Krank Golf® is unquestionably the authority in distance hitting with 13 RE/MAX World Long Drive Championships, including the 2010 (1st and 2nd), 2011(1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th), 2012 (1st, 2nd and 3rd) and 2013 (1st, 3rd and 4th) Open Division Championships. Also, Krank Golf® Drivers have completely dominated the Sport of Long Drive Worldwide for over 4 years winning more Professional Long Drive events than any golf company in history. This includes Taylormade, Callaway, Titliest, Ping, Cobra and every other golf company on the planet. We know golf drivers and that is an absolute.

VOLVIK, Official ball of the LDET

With this deal the longest hitters will hit Volvik Balls further than ever before.

The season will start next 11th & 12th April with the Belgium LDET Championship in Oostende.

The Long Drivers European Tour has announced a new sponsorship agreement with Volvik Balls to be the Official long drive ball for the 2014 season.  As part of the agreement, Volvik will supply golf color balls at every event on the tournament schedule.

The long drivers will hit the model Vista IV of Volvik Balls further than ever before.

The agreement with the Korean company Volvik is one step more to the global growth that this season is having LDET which have joined other brands from USA, Switzerland, UK; and South African and American players.

"It´s a pleasure to sponsor Volvik premium golf balls to LDET circuit. The players will feel the superior performance with specialized multi-layer color golf balls. Hoping to achieve an outstanding performance as a power hitters." said Mr. Moon Kyung Ahn, Chairman of Volvik Balls.

About Volvik:

In over 30 years of golf ball production, Volvik has developed a reputation based on perfect quality control and innovative development, quickly becoming one of the most significant and trusted golf ball manufacturers in the world. Volvik is dedicated to the production of specialized 3- and 4-piece multi-layer golf balls.

Volvik balls are strenuously tested to provide unmatched durability and have been designed to maximize energy transfer, resulting in greater distance. Volvik has experienced more colors and number of color golf balls in play on the world's professional tours than any other manufacturer in the history of golf.

CHAMP FLY-TEE: Official tee of the LDET

The World Leader in Sport Cleat Technology® and maker of innovative CHAMP spikes, high-performance golf tees and accessories – announces its Zarma FLYtee has been selected as the official tee of the Long Drivers European Tour (LDET).

Preferred by numerous PGA Tour players and the official tee of the Long Drivers of America, the FLYtee features a unique six-pronged head and shallow cup to reduce friction, increase distance and improve accuracy.

The Long Drivers European Tour has announced a continued sponsorship agreement with CHAMP to be the Official Tee. With this agreement the longest hitters will use the CHAMP FLY TEE the whole 2014 season. The season will start next 12th April with the first big event of BELGIUM LDET Championship in Ostende.

“We’re very pleased to be continuing our sponsorship agreement with the LDET. It´s going to be a huge season and players will perform at their best while using CHAMP FLYtee tees” says Jessica Georgenes Marketing Manager/Tour Coordinator of CHAMP/MacNeill Engineering Worldwide.

Independent testing has proven that our Zarma FLYtee substantially outperforms other leading options on the market,” says Jess. “When designing the product, our goal was to inject the golf tee with a dose of technology that would bring it into the 21st century and give players a boost in performance akin to gains from titanium drivers and graphite shafts.”

Drawing from MacNeill Engineering’s unrivalled 80-plus year heritage, the FLYtee line has quickly become one of the most-used tees by leading professionals worldwide.

PLAYERSTOWEL : The Official LDET towel

PLAYERS TOWEL, with the unique Microfiber technology providing the best absorption and cleaning characteristics to the sports towels and LONG DRIVERS EUROEPAN TOUR (LDET) has signed an agreement as sponsor for the whole season. The brand will be the official player’s towel of the LDET and will provide each player with a full set of towels.

We are very proud to be part of the Long Drivers European Tour. Players Towel looks forward to enjoying a long and fruitful relationship with LDET. We did not want to miss the opportunity to be part of that” says Players Towel´s CEO, Patrick Levenue.  “Each LDET player will use our towels during the season and we will also put our efforts into the Long Drive sport in Europe.”

“We are really happy with this new partnership that will allow the LDET players to use the best towels with the microfiber technology” says LDET CEO, Xavier Eusebio.

SRIXON: Official Ball of the Spanish LDET

With this deal the longest hitters will hit Srixon Balls further than ever before.

The Long Drivers European Tour has announced a new sponsorship agreement with Srixon Golf to be the Official long drive ball while also benefiting the tour's players through larger purses. The next long drive tournament will be The Spanish LDET Championship and will take place at Mijas Golf Internacional next 6th and 7th September.

With this agreement the longest hitters will hit Srixon Balls further than ever before.

"We´re very pleased to be entering a sponsorship agreement with LDET" says Srixon Director, Jose Manuel. " We have had tremendous support from professional golfers across Europe and we look forward to working with LDET in the future as we continue to frow the Srixon brand".


LDET will use the Nikon Laser Rangefinder in all the 2013 tournaments.

Nikon is pleased to announce that the Long Drivers European Tour has selected Nikon as an Official Partner for 2013.

The LDET selected Nikon for the accuracy and ease of use of their laser rangefinders.  For the 2013 season, the LDET will utilize the same 1000AS rangefinder model as used by the European Tour’s official yardage book supplier, Dion Stevens.

As well as exclusive use of the product, Nikon advertising will be placed on the competition fields for each long drive event that takes place in Europe, while banners and logos will now be carried on the LDET official website.

Nikon’s offering of laser rangefinders also includes the tournament-legal COOLSHOT, and COOLSHOT AS with slope technology, as used exclusively by Nikon’s global ambassadors Ian Poulter and his caddy, Terry Mundy.

Xavier Eusebio, CEO and Founder of the LDET, said: “Nikon was the natural choice for the LDET. The accuracy and ease of use their lasers offer is unrivalled. We’d like to thank Nikon for agreeing to become an official partner of the LDET and hope this is the beginning of a long relationship.”

HERTZ SPAIN becomes official partner of the LDET

The car hire company boasts its drive and ensures a starring role in the championship.

Hertz, the world's leading general use car rental brand, is one of the protagonists of the Long Drivers European Tour (LDET) as a new official partner. As new partner, the rent a car offers discounts to the players for the rent of their vehicles. Hertz, present in 150 countries around the world, will provide its experience as best car hire company at the national and international levels to carry out the mobility of the players of the Championship throughout Europe.

To celebrate this agreement, all the players will benefit of a discount in bookings that made for rentals in Europe. To do this, and thanks to a special code provided by Hertz Spain, users must make bookings through the website of Hertz and so they can enjoy these benefits. If they desire, players will benefit from these discounts during upcoming tournaments of the Long Drive European Tour in Sweden during the 28th and 29th June and in the Czech Republic during 5th and 6th July. In addition to these advantages, the players may benefit from one of the fleets most modern, varied and extensive in the automotive sector that Hertz puts at the service of the Long Drive European Tour in its first year of existence.

The players will have direct access to the booking page of Hertz through the LDET website  where they can enjoy this discount and arrange trips in a most efficient and cost-effective manner.

For more information, visit and social networks @HertzES and Facebook HertzES. As well as @LDEurotour.


The hotel brand becomes new sponsor of the LONG DRIVERS EUROPEAN TOUR for the 2013 season.

 Obsido Hotels has several establishments in Andalusia (OH Marbella Inn in Marbella, OH Diana Park in Estepona and OH Villa Flamenca in Nerja). With this agreement Obsido Hotels gives their support to the sport and the values ​​associated with it and to golf: work, effort, loyalty and desire for improvement, which are so important in this discipline of golf.

LDET and OBSIDO HOTELS have signed this agreement by which the brand becomes LDET partner for the 2013 season. The agreement was presented by the CEO of OBSIDO HOTELS Haakan Tollefsen and LDET CEO, Xavier Eusebio.

Both parties has been very satisfied with this new sponsorship and the brand will allow the LDET players to enjoy their stays in south of Spain.

The brand will offer 10% discount for all the LDET Players on their hotels with the best conditions to enjoy and get fit surrounded by unique scenarios

The hotel brand will award the winner of each tournament of the Long Drivers European Tour with free stays at their establishments.

LOUDMOUTH: Clothing Sponsor 2013

LOUDMOUTH GOLF, the worldwide leader in colorful sports and lifestyle apparel and LONG DRIVERS EUROEPAN TOUR (LDET) have signed an agreement as sponsor for the 2013 season. Loudmouth Golf will be the official clothes sponsor for the LDET and will provide them a full set of clothes.

LDET organization will wear the brand in all the events and tournaments of the 2013 calendar. This includes: Loudmouth´s colorful trousers, belts, shirts, caps and accessories.

Loudmouth Golf will also sponsor the “Longest Ball of the Day” prize in each tournament. The best hitter will win a full set of clothes from the brand.

We are very proud to be part of the Long Drivers European Tour, which is growing very fast and we did not want to miss the opportunity to be part of that” says Loudmouth´s Golf CEO, Larry Jackson. “Loudmouth will be present in all the events and will put our efforts into the Long Drive sport in Europe.”

“We are very happy with this sponsorship that will allow LDET organization to wear the best colorful clothes brand in the world” says LDET CEO, Xavier Eusebio.

About Loudmouth:

Founded in 2000, Loudmouth is recognized as a leading brand in stylish apparel for men and women. The Loudmouth line features bright colors in striking patterns in a wide selection of pants, shorts, shirts, sport coats, belts, snow wear, and accessories – all designed by the founder, Woody. Whether you are playing golf, relaxing on vacation, or enjoying a night on the town, Loudmouth apparel is perfect for all your occasions. 

Celebrities with style across the sports and entertainment worlds wear Loudmouth. This includes two-time major winning golfer, John Daly and other PGA and LPGA professionals; The Vancouver Winter Olympic Silver Medalists, the Norwegian Men's Curling Team; And many more.

Loudmouth products are sold worldwide at many stores as well as online at

SAMSUNG: New sponsor of the Spanish LDET Championship: 23rd March

Madrid Urban Golf will host on Saturday 23rd March, the Spanish LDET Indoor Championship.

Samsung, in its commitment to support the LDET, will be one of the sponsors of this unique indoor tournament in Spain. Samsung will award the prize of "Longest Ball of the Day" to the player that hits the longest ball of the event with a super special prize.

The Madrid event is the 5th in the indoor tournaments schedule before the outdoor events that will start in May with the Swedish LDET Championship.

Spanish LDET Championship


LONG DRIVERS EUROPEAN TOUR has announced an exclusive agreement with REPLAY BALLS EUROPE. Replay Golf Balls will be a technical sponsor providing the balls for all the LDET tournaments of the 2013 season.

With the new sponsorship, Replay Golf Balls will provide Nike balls for each 2013 LDET tournament giving special status to each event using balls designed only and exclusively for the European Tour.

Alvaro Fernandez, Director of Replay Balls said: "Replay Golf Balls are very proud to be part of the Long Drivers European Tour and to bring our collaboration with a totally green product that helps preserve the planet. Glad to have wagered LDET and entrusted us to provide the game balls for the events.


Replay Golf it’s a family owned business dedicated to recycling and refinishing golf balls. They are the first European factory of this nature and the most modern of the industry. Their experience in golf balls combined with their state of the art technology allows them to offer top quality products and services to their customers, who all rely on their top quality golf balls and fast service.

MAHOU:Official Sponsor of the Spanish LDET Indoor Championship

The Spanish beer MAHOU and the organizers of the LONG DRIVERS EUROPEAN TOUR have announced today that MAHOU will be one of the tournament sponsors for the Spanish LDET Indoor Championship that will take place next March 23rd in Madrid at the MadridUrban Golf.
The representative of Mahou, Mr. Miguel Angel Garcia said: "This is a very interesting agreement for both parties and very important for us to be in an international event like this. The LDET is growing very fast and we did not want to miss the opportunity to be involved in it ".
With this agreement, MAHOU will be the official beer of the tournament in Madrid and will also provide prizes (golf bags and drivers) for the top ranked hitters.
The Madrid indoor tournament is the 5th of the LDET calendar. The winner of the event will also win a spot for the NW LDET Indoor Series at the end of March in Manchester.

HIRZL: Official Glove of the LDET

Sports glove specialist HIRZL AG of Switzerland has become the Official Glove of the LONG DRIVERS EUROPEAN TOUR.

As part of the agreement, HIRZL will supply the LDET with its highly developed range of golf gloves, while the LDET will endorse the brand as its glove of choice for all its players.
Through the new contract, LDET staff, players and other associates will be able to get their hands on the groundbreaking gloves. The LDET will advertise the HIRZL gloves on its official website, Twitter and Facebook pages as well as in the 2013 official media guide.


HIRZL, is a leading specialist for high performance sports gloves, with a focus solely on gloves that are specifically engineered for golf and cycling, in contrast to many sports manufacturers with wide ranges of products spanning equipment, shoes and fashion.
HIRZL passion is to develop the most advanced technology to create gloves that make the human hand perform even more efficiently. HIRZL gloves not only enhance, protect and provide outstanding performance; they are designed with specific sports in mind. Whether it is for golf or cycling – HIRZL gloves deliver the ultimate glove experience.
HIRZL uses exclusive HIRZL GRIPPP™ technology in their kangaroo leather TRUST Series of golf gloves that provide an ultimate grip dry and wet weather conditions.
The HIRZL SOFFFT™ technology, which is used in the SOFFFT Flex Cabretta glove, gives the leather an unsurpassed softness, extends the peak performance level and makes the leather even machine washable.

HIRZL golf gloves have been reviewed by the USGA and R&A and found to be fully conforming to the rules of golf.

Official Glove of LDET Official Glove of LDET

LOGITRAVEL, new sponsor of LDET 2013

The online travel agency becomes new sponsor of the LONG DRIVERS EUROPEAN TOUR for the 2013 season.

With this action Logitravel ( shows the support to sport and the values ​​associated with it and golf: work, effort, loyalty and desire for improvement, which are so important in the long drive and society in general.

LDET and LOGITRAVEL have signed an agreement whereby the agency online becomes LDET partner for the 2013 season, becoming the first brand associated with the European Tour since it´s recent creation last September.

The agreement was presented by the CEO of LOGITRAVEL Tomeu Bennasar, the Marketing Director of the agency Pablo Callejón and CEO of LDET, Xavier Eusebio.

For his part, the CEO of LDET was pleased with the sponsorship and support of the online agency that will allow the European Tour players to enjoy an online platform to help them when planning their trips to the events.

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