Maurice Allen back on top of the podium

4th June 2016 – AMSTERDAM. – American Maurice Allen won the Holland LDET Championship beating the English Scott Beaven with a best hit of 376 & 367 yards after playing two sets in a amazing final and returns to the top of the podium in the circuit. In the third tournament of the season, held at the Amsterdam Old Course on the hole #1.

Perfect weather, great shots

For the second time, the Netherlands hosted one of the championships on the tour and received the long drivers with little foggy early in the morning but with a fantastic and sunny weather. Thanks to the good weather conditions, the longest ball of the day sponsored by Williams Racing Golf was 393 yards achieved by Maurice Allen (USA).

In Amsterdam, the hitters were drawn into four groups and played three rounds each for seeding. In the first group, the best was the Finn Teemu Pitkänen with a bomb of 374y. It is his first season as a professional on the tour and he is really doing it well. The rest of the players that advanced were Lee Gauthier (364y), Wynand Roos (361y) and Timo Petrasch (327y). In group 2, we have seen experimented players like Scott Beaven (ENG), who played his first tournament this season winning his group with a blast of 368y. Dan Konyk (365y), Anders Pettersson (360y) and Tanguy Marionex (355y) also advance to match play.

In the third group, we have seen the #2 ranked player of the circuit, Mauro Benaglio who did not have a good performance and went ahead as the fourth of his pairing. The best player was the veteran Andreas Persson (359y) followed by the rookie Vincent Palm (GER) and Marc Autret (FRA). In the last group Maurice Allen won with the longest ball of the day at 393y followed by Emil Rosberg (367y), Martijn Bruins (342y) and Eric Houballah (301y). The South African Dewald Lubbe fell to injury in the first round and he could not continue hitting balls. 

A lot of adrenaline and emotions

The spectators at the Amsterdam Old Course encouraged the hitters during all the match plays and they enjoyed a lot feeling the adrenaline of the long drives. Maurice Allen succeeded with the first victory of the season and to win he had to beat Petrasch (GER), Gauthier (ENG) and Rosberg (SWE) in match play. Meanwhile, Scott Beaven beat Benaglio (CH), Pettersson (SWE) and Konyk (ENG). Both players staged an intense show on the road to the final, and the audience at the Amsterdam Old Course were delighted during the two contested sets: Allen (376, 367y), Beaven (353, 363y).

The Swedish bomber, Emil Rosberg finished third. In the amateur category the winner was Roelof Koopmans, was able to defend his title of last season. In the senior division, Andreas Persson (343, 355, 352y, SWE) beat Wynand Roos (346, 327, 346y, RSA) in three sets to capture the title. RESULTS // RANKING 

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The draw of the Holland LDET

May 26th 2016.- Holland LDET Championship: THE PAIRINGS: High level of players, tough groups, great show... Don´t miss it! Next 3rd & 4th June at the Amsterdam Old Course.


Amsterdam, next 3rd & 4th June

May 17th 2016.- Close to Amsterdam Centre, since 1935 Amsterdam Old Course is one of the oldest Dutch golf courses (9 holes) with a historic clubhouse. Previously, surrounded by meadows, is now a rustic oasis at the foot of the Amsterdam Arena (AFC Ajax).

For a second year the Amsterdam Old Course will host the HOLLAND LDET Championship next 3rd & 4th June. Last season, John McSloy (SCO) won the title after beating Dewald Lubbe (SAF) in a big final for 2 sets 1. Will McSloy defeat his title or are you ready to conquer Holland? MORE INFO

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