John McSloy CHAMPION of Holland LDET

July 18th 2015 – AMSTERDAM (Holland). John McSloy, the Scottish player of the Volvik LDET, wins the Holland LDET Championship after beating Dewald Lubbe with a best hit of 336 yards after playing 3 sets in the big final and it´s his first final victory in three seasons. The fifth tournament of the season was held at  Amsterdam Old Course, near the capital.

Bombs against the wind

Weather started sad and cold, so hitters took more than usual to warm up and the best shots came late. The qualifying groups started promptly at 11 am, and the first records just passed over the 300 yards. However, the sun rose up and the long drivers increased the power of their hits but a strong wind gone against all the time, specially in the grid where it sent a few balls out of bounds.

In the morning, the most interesting marks have been for the Dutch Martijn Bruins with 334 yards, the best in group 1; Timo Petrasch (GER) with 341y, in two; the Spanish Adrián Sánchez reached the 337y and passed first in the third group; and, the American Maurice Allen, the current leader of the Volvik LDET ranking, passed as the best of group four with 341y.

44 sets to go ahead!

The spectators at the Amsterdam Old Course enjoyed the matchplays, quarters and semis thanks to the competitiveness displayed by the best hitters in Europe. They had to play up to 44 sets in the matchplays to meet the champion of this fifth tournament of the tour. The longest ball of the day, awarded with Pure Grips products, has been for Maurice Allen has managed to reach 362 yards. The current # 1 ranking hadn’t a good day and finished fourth in the Dutch round.

The Scottish John McSloy finally won a tournament in three seasons and left on the road other LDET important names like Maurice Allen, Dewald Lubbe... McSloy won unopposed Lubbe who sent three rounds of balls out of the grid. McSloy reached the victory in two sets with a best hit of 336 yards

Italy, next stop…

The fifth stop of the Volvik LDET circuit will be the Italy LDET Championship which will be the second time for this country and which will be held on 22nd and 23rd August. The event will take place at the Chervò Golf San Vigilio near Verona. See you there long drivers!

Video of the Holland official training session

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Countdown for the Holland Championship

The draw

4 groups, huge level of players, emotion…. Just one player will conquer Holland. Are you ready to show your talent?...


Red Bull Willem will bring all the energy & power to the Holland LDET championship: Dj, music and the wings team!

I amsterdam

The tourism office of Amsterdam will give to all the competitors all the information to enjoy and discover the city.

Promotional event: Football game

LDET has organized something different for the evening before the event: on Friday there will be a big friendly football match at Amsterdam Stadium between AJAX against WOLFSBURG. The first players interested (10 tickets) to watch the game please email us to

HOLLAND LDET Champ: 18th July

9th July, AMSTERDAM.- The Long Drive show arrives for the first time in Holland thanks to the Volvik Long Drivers European Tour (LDET); Amsterdam Old Course Club near Amsterdam will held the HOLLAND LDET CHAMPIONSHIP. The competition will take place on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th of July.


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