Joe Miller, the unstoppable long driver.

Joe Miller (ENG)

LJUBLJANA – Joe Miller (ENG) has won the fourth LDET tournament with a bomb of 395 yards. The English player beat John McSloy in 2 straight sets, a completely amazing final. Golf and long drive lovers have enjoyed the first Long Drivers European Tour event held in Slovenia thanks to Manner, one of the main sponsors of the tournament held in Golf Arboretum near Ljubljana. 

The Long Drive “hit off” while the wonderful sun was shining above the green landscape of this spectacular venue. After the junior´s competition, the qualifying groups started with 16 players. In group 1 there were four players competing: Gregor Novak (SLO, 268,7y), Mauro Benaglio (SWE, 343y), L. Hoellige (SLO, 301y) and Dewald Lubbe (SAF,340,4y). Benaglio was the best with a bomb of 343y.

Timo Petrasch (GER)

Trying to follow the ball landing on the grid was not easy but the spectators were enjoying every hit of the bombers! In group 2 the German player Timo Petrash showed that he is in good form. He hit 344 yards. He went with this score to the Matchplays followed by M. Trnovek (SLO, 315y), D. Ljubenovic (SLO, 258y) and Luka Ceh (SLO, 308y).

The brilliant sun, the blue sky and a soft left wind were good company. Group 3 contained a mixture of Slovenian players and the experienced long driver John McSloy (SCO). He hit the longest ball of this group with 329y. Also through to the next round: Luka Lipovec (SLO, 310y), Blaz Mlakar (SLO, 289y) and Sondre Drägen (NOR, 304y).

The tournament qualifying rounds resumed with group 4. Finally, the current champion of the circuit, Joe Miller, went into action. There was no option for the other three players in group 4 to compete with Miller as he reached 384y with one of his best hits. The best hits of the other players: David Hopf (AUS, 314y), Gregor Slabe (SLO, 295y) and Damian Murgelj (SLO, 294y).

John McSloy (SCO)

Under a brilliant sun and really hot and humid weather, the long drivers had to sweat to see if they would advance. Only eight of them were in the quarters: Mauro Benaglio vs. David Hopf, Joe Miller vs. Dewald Lubbe, Timo Petrasch vs. Luka Lipovec (National Slovenia Amateur Team) and John McSloy vs. S. Drägen. After an exciting and disputed round, the best four going to semi-finals were: Mauro Benaglio, Luka Lipovec, John McSloy and Joe Miller.

Two of the best long drivers of this tournament gave a brilliant show. As we expected, Joe Miller and John McSloy showed their power on the tee box to the delight of an excited crowd encouraging them. The Scottish player upped his game in the final but there was a problem: the man to beat is still Joe Miller and he is unstoppable. He seems to thrive on the pressure to be the best in every event. Miller held the LDET tournament cup winning in 2 sets to 0. He hit a bomb of 395 yards.

Is there anyone capable to beat him? We will see in the LDET´s fifth stop of the season hosted by Prosper Golf Club in the city of Celadna, Czech Republic on the 25th and 26h of July. See you there long drivers! GALLERY PHOTOS  / RANKING

Friday afternoon: practice session:

The long drivers have been training this afternoon at the competition tee. They have a good feelings for tomorrow.

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