Joe Miller wins with a bomb of 374 yards

FRANKFURT.- If something has to be.. It will be…. and Joe Miller has won the second tournament of the LDET season with a incredible hit of 374.6 yards. Miller beat Scott Beaven in the big final. The competition started with the qualifying groups, at 11.00amThe weather was perfect for practising long drive, with no wind and hazy sunshine. The event was held at Karben Driving Range, near Frankfurt.

In the first group there were three players: Christian Elsesser (GER), Roland Schochlin (GER) and Joe Miller (ENG). The British showed his power, hitting only one ball in the first round and getting a mark of 362 yards. After three rounds, it was confirmed: Miller hit a bomb of 387 yards, but it was not the longest ball of the day.

During the morning, the weather got worse because of the wind and cold. In the second group there was no surprise and John McSloy (SCO) was the first with a shot of 354.6 yards and hit one round out of bounds. In this group there was an amateur and a rookie: no competition for McSloy. Miguel Pérez (SPA) who was attending his first tournament of the current season went ahead to the heats with 328.7 yards and Fredrik Jahn did the same with 319yards.

This is the first whole season for Scott Beaven (ENG). In the third group, the English hitter did his best to reach 360 yards, a mark that puts him very close to the top players of the circuit. He went directly to the quarter finalsand left behind Mauro Benaglio (SWE, 327yards) and Alex Lange (GER, 302yards).

In the fourth group there was a disqualified player for non show, and Lee Gauthier (ENG) and the German bomber Timo Petrasch maintained a hand to hand battle. The difference between them was only one and a half yards: Timo 346.5 yards and Lee 346.5 yards.

You have to be more than a good hitter to get ahead because long drivers have a great spirit and are superb competitors. Joe Miller, Timo Petrasch, John McSloy and Scott Beaven went directly to the quarter finals. After heats, the following players were added: Christian Elsesser, Lee Gauthier, Alex Lange and Fredrik Jahn.

After lunch, the sun came out for a while and it was time for quarter finals. Joe Miller demonstrated again that he was in excellent formand hit 391yards… but it was not yet the longest ball of the day. He beat Lee Gauthier. Also Timo Petrasch, John McSloy and Scott Beaven went into the semifinals.

The show continued with the semifinals in a strong right wind, which is the worst enemy for long drivers and often makes it impossible to hit in bounds. Because of this there were several sets out of lines. David against Goliath Timo Petrasch versus Joe Miller was a good battle, but the result was not as expectedAfter four sets, Miller beat Petrasch with a blast bomb of 397.4 yards. Yes, finally, it was the longest ball of the day.

In the other semifinal, Scott Beaven reached the final for the first time in his life as a professional long driver and hit 350.2 yards against John McSloy. The Scottish player said after the tournament that “it was not my best day”. Despite of this, McSloy keeps his second position in the LDET ranking with 1.400 points.

The final clash did not give any opportunity to Beaven, he was beaten by Miller by 2 sets to 0. Miller again passed the limit of 350 yards and the winning ball reached 374.6 yards. With the second position in the tournament, Scott Beaven moved upto the third place in the ranking.

Next stop of the LDET circuit will be in the United Kingdom Heathfield Park Golf Driving Range near Oxford will hold the UK LDET CHAMPIONSHIP on 6th and 7th of June. Do not miss it! RESULTS  //  LDET RANKING

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