DEWALD LUBBE wins in Czech Republic!!

CELADNA. – This time, the title has travelled far away. Dewald Lubbe (SA) has won the fifth LDET tournament held at Prosper Golf Resort in the city of Celadna after beating the Scottish John McSloy for 2 sets to 1. The final has been hotly contested and Lubbe, rookie this season, has reached a mark of 358 yards to win McSloy, number 2 in LDET ranking.

After a week with heavy rains, the tee competition woke up under a threatening gray sky clouds. The hitters were well disposed to show their talent again. In group 1 has competed the LDET Austrian player David Hopf. He was in Slovenia too and remained within the top-8. After hitting six balls, he qualified directly to quarters with a mark of 323 yards. In the pairing, three Czech players: Pittermann V. (263y) and Samuel Dufe (232y); and Zieger Michal (212y) has been out.

In group 2, we have seen again Andreas Persson (SWE) in action. He is one of the best long drivers in Europe and has return after being injured for three months. The Swedish player has been the best of the group with an incredible hit of 357 yards. Only two of three other players framed in the pairings have reached over 300yards: Milos Merta (CZE, 303y) y P. Vaclavek (CZE, 302y).

In group 3, has highlighted Dewald Lubbe, pro circuit player living in Dubai and born in South Africa. Dewald finished fourth in Slovenia and has shown again his excellent swing and power with a hit of 342y that has led him directly to quarters. Also throught to the next round: O.Pravda (CZE, 283Y), Slavomir D. (CZE, 248); the English Andrew Law (246y) has not gone forward.

The tournament qualifying rounds resumed with group 4, where John McSloy, the current #2 LDET ranking, has gone into action. McSloy, who played the last tournament final against Joe Miller, has achieved good marks in this round. The Scottish pro has gone to quarter finals with a hit of 356 yards. The best hits of the other players: M. Vymetal (CZE, 300y), M. Sebestova (CZE, 250y); and Czech Benes J. (221y) was out next round.

The event has had a large coverage of different media during the two days of the competition, including live broadcasting by one of the most important morning magazines of the Czech television. After Matchplays, the players qualified for the quarter finals: David Hopf (AUT) vs. M. Vymeral (CZE), John McSloy (SCO) vs. Pitterman (CZE), Andreas Persson (SWE) vs. O. Pravda (CZE) and Dewald Lubbe (SA) vs. Milos Merta (CZE).

Despite of the stormy sky of Celadna, the weather has respected players during the entire tournament. The best players in a high level went to semifinals: Hopf (best hit 315y, 2-0), McSloy (best hit 348y, 2-0), Persson (339y, 2-0) and Lubbe (320y, 2-0).

In the semifinals, the Scotish John McSloy has outperformed the Austrian player David Hopf in two straight sets hitting the longest ball of the day: a bomb of 362 yards, to reach his third final this season (Belgium, Slovenia). Dewald Lubbe has passed too to the final after beating Andreas Persson for 2 sets to 1 with a hit of 352 yards.

In the big final of the fifth stop of the circuit, both players have made every effort to give their best. McSloy and Lubbe have tied to one set after a first round where McSloy has sent all the balls out of the grid. The players have offered an amazing show and the third set has been lived intensely.

Lubbe won after a hit of 358 yards and has reached his first title in his first season as a circuit LDET pro. With this victory, the South African player will rise up fourth positions in the ranking till the top4. The English Joe Miller continuous at the top of the ranking.


CELADNA.- Today early morning the Czech television crew arrived at Prosper Golf Resort Čeladná to film about tomorrow's Long Drivers European Tour championship .The manager of the resort Slávek Dufek, the golf instructor and especially so far one of the only females who will compete tomorrow Mary Sally and Xavier Eusebio the director of the LDET have been interviewed by Jana Bohusova for the morning program "Dobré rano" (One of the most important TV programs at Ceská Televize).

Trainig session & promotional LDET event

This afternoon all the players have had the opportunity to hit some balls at the competition tee for 30 minutes. After we took John McSloy, Dewald Lubbe and Andreas Persson for a promotional LDET event: they were hitting some balls from the top of the Celadna mountains and then we visited one of the horses at the horse ranch.

Czech Republic LDET Championship

24th July, Celadna.- The grid and the tee box are ready! Tomorrow from 6.00am to 8.00am CZECH Rep. TV will do live connections and interviews showing to the audience what the long drive is and more about the LDET circuit.

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The 25th & 26th July 2014 will take place the Czech Republic LDET Championship in Celadna (Czech Republic).

Prosper Golf Resort Celadna, located close to the picturesque village of Celadna in the north-east of the Czech Republic, in the heart of the tallest peaks of Beskydy mountains, offers top class sport and leisure activities, and much more.

Both eighteen hole golf courses are ideally placed in the local landscape. The Resort is surrounded by beautiful mountains and forests.  The courses offer many water hazards, sand traps, Scottish bunkers and spacious, beautifully shaped greens. Miguel Angel Jiménez is the designer of the golf courses. More info click here.

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