The MASTERS “fight” at Panorámica Golf

·The best 8 European Long Drivers will compete at the MASTERS CUP next 20 October
·The championship will take place at Panorámica Golf Resort, near Castellón (Spain)

8th August 2018. -  The Long Drivers European Tour will celebrate the final event of the season next Saturday 20th October with the MASTERS LDET CUP, at Panorámica Golf Resort (Castellón). The competition will bring together the 8 best European hitters of this discipline in an spectacular final event.

The final event of the season

In this sixth season of the tour, which has been a great success of participation in different countries, the final tournament will be the ninth stop of a competition that has already gone through Chilly-sur-Armançon (France), Mol (Belgium), Täby (Sweden), St. Petersburg (Russia), Zalácsany (Hungary) and Munich (Germany). The next tournament will be the Italy LDET and in September the Nations Cup near Nice (France).

A decisive tournament

The players of the tour spend hundreds of hours hitting thousands of balls, and they work tenaciously to find the perfect shot. The German player Robin Horvath leads the LDET ranking with 4,500 points and three wins (France, Hungary and Germany). He also has the LDET record with 443 yards, a spectacular distance reached last June in St. Petersburg.

The ranking is more adjusted and exciting than ever; Robin has a slim 200 point lead over “The Beard” Martin Borgmeier, which means we can anticipate more matchups between the top two German bombers in the next 3 events. 

At the moment 5 players are qualified for the big finals (Horvath, Borgmeier, Brooks, Nicolle & Lubbe) and the next 2 events will decide who take the other 3 spots. Some players have some advantage (Marionex, Petrasch and Palm) but they cannot relax. Behind them and very close we have Roberts, Kivini, Petrorius & Latta. 

Format of the tournament

Saturday 20th will be the big day of the MASTERS LDET CUP. The show will begin at 11am. The professional players will be seeded in two groups and the competition system will be like the football “Champions League” system.

Each player will play 3 matches against the other players of the group at the best of three sets. Each victory will count 1 point. After the preliminary stage, the players will play the quarterfinals, the semi-finals and the final.

The competition is conceived as a show, so the public, the players and the media will enjoy a great atmosphere. The entrance for the general public is free.

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